250 gm

An incredibly tender, cut of meat which is delicious when slow-roasted. This cut is also used to make streaky bacon. At Lionfresh, we love our pork bellies.

This pork is imported from high quality farms in the UK and is off a leaner variety. Rindless (skinless)

This pork belly has already been slow cooked at low temperatures for 8 hours making it more tender and juicy. Once defrosted, lightly fry on a high heat for about 90 second each side or re-heat under the grill.

Great to eat as a steak or if you chop it into strips its perfect for wraps.
INR 450
  • Kiran M.

    It is excellent

    It is excellent

  • Sumesh D.

    I've tried pulled pork burger

    I've tried pulled pork burger and sandwich at almost every place in Delhi and I can vouch that Lionfresh's pulled pork is much better or at par with all those places. It just needs to be heated and rest is upto your imagination. I've tried in slices of sourdough bread, burger buns with caramalized onions, barbecue sauce. I've tried so many versions and everytime it is dramatic. Just love it. Keep up the good work Lions.... Ribs are heavenly too.....

  • Latika K.

    Very tasty

    Very tasty

  • Chatar S.

    Easily the best pork belly

    Easily the best pork belly we have had in years. The 8 hour slow cooking done by you made easy life for us to enjoy quality pork product.

  • Rakshay D.

    Excellent Stuff

    It was v. tasty!

  • Bharat S.

    Best pork belly i ever had

    this pork belly just melts in your mouth. Juicy and tender and best of all soo easy to cook!